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Each year, our alumni volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise in support of VTC’s activities and student learning through sharing, mentoring, offering Industrial attachments etc. The benevolent spirit is relayed to each VTC graduate cohort.


Think about those things that have lighted up your days before.  You can make a difference by putting smiles on students’ faces and igniting their lives. Be our Alumni Advocate now! 

Please indicate your interested volunteer activities here. 


Alumni Contribution

Since the establishment of Alumni Advocate Scheme, more and more alumni have made contribution to their alma mater.  In the past year, over 670 committed alumni supported various kinds of VTC activities and student learning through sharing, mentoring, donation, offering industrial attachments, etc.  Below is the highlight of alumni supported activities and events:

Generation Involvement – Alumni from every decade stepped up to support Alumni Advocate Scheme  

Supporting various programmes/activities of alma mater – Alumni volunteered their time, knowledge and expertise in support of VTC’s activities and student learning



Significant Activities and Events with Alumni Participation in AY2017/18

Let’s look back at a fruitful year of alumni contribution to the alma mater. They helped shape the future of VTC, our students and alumni development by getting involved as an advocate.

Hurry up! Join us to experience the rewards of contributing to your alma mater!


  VTC 35th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Reception
Taking the theme “Remember, Renew and Reconnect”, the Alumni Reunion Reception was held on 27 October 2017 at the Design Boulevard, HKDI. Alumni from different generations and trades converged and shared their recent experiences with one another while celebrating the 35th anniversary of the VTC.



  VTC 35th Anniversary Alumni Booklet
The year 2017 marks the 35th Anniversary of VTC. 35 outstanding alumni were invited to share their fond memories with VTC, enabling our students and the community to know more about VTC Alumni.



  VTC 35th Anniversary Tribute Dinner
The dinner themed “Creating Value · Perfecting Skills” was hosted to pay tribute to long-standing supporters and partners for their unwavering support to VTC. Alumni, as one of the important strategic partners, were invited to join the dinner.



  Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018
More than 100 alumni joined the most significant sports event in town. With the support of VTC, lots of alumni broke their own records. Congratulations!



  VTC Calendar Card
15 outstanding alumni were featured on VTC Calendar Card to promote the development of vocational and professional education and training. 



  IVE (Chai Wan) Principal & FPTA Lunch
Alumni shared their articulation experience and career prospects with IVE (Chai Wan) Principal, secondary school principals and members of FPTA.



  Lunch Gathering for Academic Disciplines and Alumni Associations
To provide a platform for Academic Disciplines and Alumni Associations to communicate the possible collaborations for the development of their discipline and Alumni Association, a lunch gathering was organised on 28 May 2018. Representatives of AA also shared good practices and perspective of alumni engagement.



  IVELite Sharing Session on Student Learning Outcomes 2017-2018
Hoping to nurture the younger fellows of alma mater, 45 alumni mentors attended the IVELite Sharing Session on Student Learning Outcomes.  Most of them already accumulated more than 10 years of valuable working experience in their respective field. It was a valuable opportunity for students directly communicate with their senior fellows in the industry.



  Campus Promotion 2018
Alumni were invited to aid the campus banner promotion to showcase the achievements of our alumni to current students and visitors on campus. It helps to promote the fact that vocational education is a valuable pathway to achievements. 



  Events organised by Alumni Associations
Last year, the Executive Committee members of Alumni Associations made use of what they had learnt in the Development Programme for Executive Committee Members of Alumni Associations and organised different activities to engage and connect with alumni and members.


To review the alumni contribution in AY2016/17, please click here.





Alumni Advocate Award Scheme

To recognise, honor, and reward Alumni contributions to the development of the VTC, we present Alumni Advocate Award to our Alumni Advocates. 

Scoring System

Alumni earn points for their contributions. These points are accumulative and can be carried forward. Scores will be counted annually per Academic Year (Sep 1 — 31 Aug). Below are five levels of awards you can unlock and climb the leaderboard:



Required Score

Platinum Star














The award will come as a pin. With your continuous support to VTC, you will finally have a whole collection of our memorable VTC Alumni Advocate pins.


Please login Alumni Account to check your latest Alumni Advocate Score.





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